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Our services

Labrador Retriever Puppies  Litter's management   - details -

This service is for those that would like to see their dog's whelping, but at the same time they are not in the position to do it.
The breeding will take care of the dog before and after the pregnancy.

Mating Labrador Retriever  Mating   - details -

The breeding disposes of its stallions for mating.

Puppy choice advice  Puppy choice advice   - details -

On base of behavioral tests and on the single subject's morphology, the breeding will suggest the puppy to choose according to your needs.

  Training   - details -

The breeding tries to give the dog the ability and capability in some activity, setting up an educational and learning course based on gaming, curiosity and gratification, not losing sight of firmness and the actual life needs of the same.

Dog sitting and dog parking Labrador  Dog sitting and dog parking   - details -

In the area of our competence, we organize the daily outings of your four-legged friends. Or you can leave your dogs directly at our breeding.

Dog stay Acireale Catania  Dog stay   - details -

Inside the breeding, there is a structure that can host at its best the dog during his owner's absence, and where the dog can enjoy large green areas where he can move freely, with quality feeding breaks. Home service is also available in our competence area.

Foto Labrador
A labrador puppy in our breeding!
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Salve! Prima di tutto complimenti per il vostro sito e il vostro lavoro che molto utile. Se avete bisogno dell'attrezzatura professionale per i vostri bellissimi cani posso aiutarvi. Vi auguro buona fortuna e buon lavoro! Cordiali saluti! Olga, Fordogtrainers-Italia. Il nostro sito in Italia:

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