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Choosing your puppy

like choosing a labrador puppy from a litter..

If you want a very good dog, you should never choose it casually! You should avoid choosing your puppy at a shop ... very rarely you will find an "Italian" dog. It is best to refer to a breeding, where it is possible to obtain the dog's genealogy, see the parents and perhaps adult dogs that are from the same blood lines; you could refer also to privates, but only if reliable!
If you want to do a good choice, it is always preferable to view the entire litter, and you will be able to assess if there's homogeneity between the puppies.
Somebody may have told you not to choose the smallest puppy; I say, don't choose the biggest; it will certainly grow a lot, with the risk of going out of the breed's standard; for the smallest, instead, it could be only a nourishing delay!
Usually a puppy grows respecting his dimensions, so it is good to choose a proportioned dog. The coat's color is subjective; only remember that the Labrador is originally black, so when the dog sheds its hair, it will lose less hair than a honey or chocolate.
At last, the most important choice...male or female? Many prefer a male, because they think that, growing more, it will become more beautiful. Well, if you think of taking a dog to then exhibit it at dog displays, forget about these common places... a good judge doesn't look at the physical impressiveness, but looks how he is built ... it's not unusual to see females of better breed!
For those that choose a dog for company, I strongly suggest a female; it is a home lover and so it adapts better to apartment life, it has a sweeter nature and doesn't wander off, as males do. It is also true that a female can imply inconveniences when on heat: physical giving in and blood losses. These are subjective and can be easily managed by using absorbing pads.
A final consideration...with or without a pedigree? Many think they're saving money by buying a puppy without a pedigree, seen that they are not interested in displays or to obtain a potential beauty champion. So it is important to state some things! The pedigree doesn't identify a nice dog, but identifies the dogs of "pure breed". Remember, a Labrador without a pedigree, even if it is perfect, it cannot be defined as a "Labrador"! A dog without a pedigree could never participate in any official dog display and, most important, it will have serious difficulty in finding a partner, because also the puppies would be without a pedigree.

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